Brighton and Hove for EU’s aim is to stop Brexit


We are a non-party political group that brings together people with a range of views who are united in their desire for the United Kingdom to remain part of the European Union. 


We believe 'Brexit' is not in the interests of this country from an economic, cultural or political point of view, and we celebrate the ways in which our membership of the EU has enriched British society. 


We speak for the 69% of our city's population who rejected 'Brexit' and seek to reach out to the 31% who voted in favour of it, exposing the divisive and dangerous myths on which the 'Leave' campaign was built. 


We condemn the rise of racist incidents, including those targeting EU nationals, since the referendum of 24 June 2016, and we work to promote inclusivity. We co-ordinate our activities with national groups and other regional groups around the UK that share our aims.




We are affiliated to Britain for Europe and the European Movement, a national network local groups and 1000s of activists working to fight Brexit. We also work with Open Britain and other national and local pro-Europe organisations.