Resist – Retain – Rejoin

Brighton and Hove for EU’s aim is to resist the negative effects of Brexit, to retain as many links as possible to the European Union and to rejoin in the future.


We are a grassroots group that came together in the aftermath of the 2016 Brexit referendum. The group initially campaigned to stop Brexit, highlighting the divisive and dangerous myths on which the 'Leave' campaign was built. Since the United Kingdom left the EU on 31 January 2020, we are determined to continue our campaign to promote benefits of EU membership, which we believe is in the interest of this country from an economic, cultural and political point of view.


We continue to hold politicians to account for the negative impacts of the Brexit project and the referendum claims that are proved to be false. We believe in the European project and we campaign to retain links, and build new ones, between the UK and EU.


We condemn the rise of racist incidents, including those targeting EU nationals, and we work to promote inclusivity. We coordinate our activities with national groups and other regional groups around the UK that share our aims.





We are affiliated to Grassroots for Europe, March for Change and the European Movement, a national network local groups and 1000s of activists working to fight Brexit. We also work with other national and local pro-Europe organisations.