Welcome to BH4EU

We are a non-party political group that aims to resist the negative effects of Brexit, to retain as many links as possible to the European Union and to rejoin in the future.  


Now that the transition period has ended and we are faced with the realities of Johnson's deal with the EU, we are already seeing the evidence that Brexit will be a disaster for the country. Although BH4EU's campaigning activities have been curtailed by Covid-19, we are still working behind the scenes to network with other pro-EU groups to get ready to campaign again when the situation allows.


New members welcome: please get in touch. 

We are also working to hold the government to account, and to stand up for the rights of those affected by Brexit. A number of our core members are involved in Sussex Bylines, a new online newspaper that aims to give a voice to citizen journalists, to contribute to a fairer, more connected society, and to engender a change in the way politics is done – from tribalism and polarisation towards a spirit of respect and cooperation.


Please follow Sussex Bylines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, sign up for the newsletter (see the bottom of this page) and share our stories in all your networks. We are always looking for more volunteers: writers, editors, proofreaders, social media whizzes and Wordpress gurus. If you'd like to be involved please contact the Sussex Bylines editor