Call to action: Write a letter to Theresa May

We need to make it very clear to Theresa May that we emphatically do not support her “Worst of all Worlds” deal. We therefore urge you to write a letter to the PM telling her this.  Below is a draft template letter to get you started. You can copy and paste it as it is, adapt it as you like, or write an entirely different letter. You need to do this quickly though and then post it to:  The Prime Minister, The Hon Theresa May, 10 Downing St, Westminster London SW1A 2AA
Let your MP know that you have done this by emailing a copy to:, or For other MPs, send it to  Also, it would be good to send a copy of the letter to your local paper. In most of our cases this is: and -  and send a copy to us at




Letter template:

Dear Prime Minister

I am writing to let you know that I most emphatically do not support the Withdrawal Deal that you have negotiated with the European Union and that I want it to be rejected by the Members of the House of Commons. As the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England have had to concede, this deal is worse than the one we have at the moment, i.e. our present arrangements with the EU. Why on earth would we want to go along with a worse deal? 

If you really want to know what the public think, enact legislation to give a People’s Vote with the options being your deal (which may, as you say, be the best new offer we are likely to get) or staying in the EU.
Yours faithfully
A.N Other



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