Enough. Is. Enough! Enough lies. Enough law breaking. Enough jobs lost. Enough risking peace in Ireland. Enough taking away our rights. Make It STOP! 

Here’s what you can do:

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  2. Follow @MakeItStop_UK on Twitter, RT and keep using #MakeItStop
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  4. Join us on Wednesday 11 December (see below)!

Welcome to BH4EU

We are a non-party political group that brings together people with a range of views who are united in their desire for the United Kingdom to remain part of the European Union. 


To Vote Remain in the upcoming General Election, please visit our dedicated General Election page.  


below - BH4EU campaigners with Remain

candidate Rosie Duffield in Canterbury


Upcoming events


Wednesday 11 December: 'Make it Stop' campaigning in Lewes

note: Tuesday's event has been postponed because of rain


Following the success of our Make It Stop event on Saturday, we're going back to Lewes on Wednesday, heading to the station to catch the evening commuters. Meet at Brighton station at 4:30 if you want to join us - or see you there!


We are a non-party political organisation: our members have campaigned for Labour and the Green Party in Brighton, and Labour in Canterbury. But it looks as though Lewes will be the closest marginal constituency in our area: LibDem Oli Henman has a good chance of ousting Brexiter Maria Caulfield there.