As our campaign has grown since the June 2016 referendum, we have held many different events and meetings  - including our highly successful and well-attended rally at the Labour Party Conference and a fantastic evening event at the Brighton Dome.


Currently we have several initiatives underway, including our Europe Corner stall in New Road outside the Unitarian Church, usually one Saturday per month. We get to know each other, talk to passers-by and share information. It’s all part of our work to be visible, to get Brightonians to support our campaign and make it grow!


We are also linking up with numerous other groups that are around the county and beyond: Eastbourne, Newhaven, Lewes, Sevenoaks and more. We aim to change hearts and minds in Sussex and beyond.


Some of our members run a regular club evening: Club Europe Express, at the Rose Hill Tavern. This is a chance to socialise with other Europeans; to exchange views and ideas; and to enjoy music, poetry and other cultural activities.


If you have ideas for other activities, please contact us!

Upcoming events:

24 March 2018, 8.45am - 7pm

"Baron Brexit: His Triumph, Downfall and Redemption" -  Sussex Tour

We are joining up with Seahaven Staying In, EUnity Lewes and Sussex for Europe to take a #Stop Brexit mummers' play around Sussex.


We are hiring the Big Lemon Bus, so there will be plenty of space for performers, supporters and flag wavers! We are leaving on the Big Lemon Bus from the Jury's Inn (behind Brighton station) at 8.45am, returning around 6pm for two performances in Brighton. Supporters welcome to join us - cost contribution £5 per person for non-members. It will be a fun day! If you want to come along, please email


Also see our Facebook event.

24 March 2018, 6pm

"Baron Brexit: His Triumph, Downfall and Redemption" - Brighton Performance

New Road, Brighton (outside the Unitarian Church)

If you can't join us for our tour of Sussex, come along to our one and only performance in Brighton - it will be a triumph!

Also see our Facebook event.

25 March 2018, 2.30-5.30pm, Brighthelm Centre

Britain for Europe, European Movement and Open Britain volunteers' training

Please come if you can - we need to get our and about for some door to door work in West Sussex as well as East Sussex. RSVP

23 June 2018

National #Stop Brexit march in London. See Britain for Europe's Facebook event and watch this space for more information.

Past events:

15 March 2018

Club Europ Express #10

8pm, Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton


With Kemp Town MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

3 March 2018

International Women's Day

Brighton & Hove for EU had a busy stall at the Dome - leaflets, petitions, information etc. We were joined for part of the day by In Limbo - Our Brexit Testimonies.


Brighton Dome, 10am to 4pm - come and visit us.

27 February 2018

Brexit Truth Bus

The #StopBrexit bus came to Brighton - and we were out to welcome it.


Here is a write-up in the Evening Argus.

17 February 2018

One Day Without Us

12.30-2.30pm, New Road, Brighton


A celebration of all migrants and their contribution to the UK.  See our Facebook event for more details. 

15 February 2018

Club Europ Express #9

8pm, Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton


With Atilla the Stockbroker and his band, Barnstormer.

7 February 2018

*EUrovision flash mob*

The Eurovision heats came to the Brighton Dome in Brighton, and we had a big flash mob outside to celebrate and greet the performers and attendees! We waved our flags and banners, we sang Ode to Joy, and - with the help of the EU Flag Mafia - we handed out 1500 EU flags to people attending the event.


Watch our video to see the sea of blue and yellow flags in the Dome!  And here's a video of the flash mob

11 December 2017

We demonstrated outside Parliament, calling for a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal.


24 September 2017

#StopBrexit @ Labour Conference

Thousands of people came to Brighton to show Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the Labour Party the strength of feeling against Brexit.