As our campaign has grown since the June 2016 referendum, we have held many different events and meetings  - including our highly successful and well-attended rally at the Labour Party Conference and a fantastic evening event at the Brighton Dome.  Currently we have several initiatives underway, including our Europe Corner stall in New Road outside the Unitarian Church, where we hand out leaflets, collect signatures for petitions, talk to passers-by and share information. It’s all part of our work to be visible, to get Brightonians to support our campaign and make it grow!

Some of our members run a regular club evening: Club Europe Express, at the Rose Hill Tavern. This is a chance to socialise with other Europeans; to exchange views and ideas; and to enjoy music, poetry and other cultural activities.

We are also linking up with numerous other groups that are around the county and beyond: Eastbourne, Newhaven, Lewes, Sevenoaks and more. We aim to change hearts and minds in Sussex and beyond.

If you have ideas for other activities, please contact us!

Upcoming events:

Thu 21 Jan, 7.30pm - Organising Committee Meeting, Craft Beer Company, Upper North Street

Join us for our regular monthly meeting - open to all. There's lots to be done to publicise the "Put It To The People" march in London on 23 March and - most importantly - to campaign for remain once the People's Vote is called! We always welcome new people who are keen to get involved in our activities. Please come along!

27 Feb 11am to 6pm -SODEM protest 

Parliament Square, London

On 27 Feb - the day of the next 'meaningful' vote - SODEM will be doing a huge food based Fayre Share (bring and share regional and European food) to highlight sharing is good and we have our fair share in EU (number or MEP’s, Commissioners, laws proposed etc). We need enormous numbers and a carnival atmosphere that day.
Please join if you can, for an hour or for the day!

Put It To The People March - Sat 23 March 2019, London

Just six days before the Government wants to take Britain out of the EU, join Brighton & Hove for EU and hundreds of thousands of others to march on Parliament with a simple demand: Give the people the final say on Brexit, in a crisis that threatens their living standards, businesses and jobs. 

Brighton & Hove for EU will be congregating from 12 noon at the Achilles Statue near Hyde Park Corner, W1J 7NT. The march is due to set off at 1pm, heading to Parliament Square. 

Transport info to follow. We don't yet know whether there will be coaches from Brighton. There are engineering works again, between Brighton and Three Bridges, but for the October march the bus / train journey was really quite easy. 

Past events:

Sat 12 Jan, 

Europe Corner Street stall, New Road

We handed out stickers and leaflets, and we invited people to 'vote' in our Brexitometer. Once again, we saw just how much support there is in Brighton & Hove for a People's Vote.  

15 Jan 2019

SODEM protest 

Parliament Square, London

We joined SODEM and hundreds of people from up and down the country to hear the announcement of the massive defeat for Theresa May's deal! We'll be ready to join again and again, for as long as it takes to stop Brexit! 

Sat 12 Jan 2019

Procession for a People's Vote

What a fantastic event we had! We were joined by 200+ people to form an impromptu Pied People's Band: rather than blindly following the 'Pied Piper' Theresa May to a cliff edge Brexit, we marched and sang to demand a People's Vote. See our videos here and here.

Fri 14 December

Bollocks to Brexit Bus came to Brighton

We gave the bus a great reception - see article in The Argus here and coverage on Latest TV here.

Sat 8 December, People's Vote Day of Action: New Road, Brighton

We had a fantastic turnout of volunteers and were joined by two of our local MPs; you can see Peter Kyle's speech here and Caroline Lucas' here.

Thu 6 December,


EU citizens' rights & Brexit 

Here is the recording of the information session for EU citizens in the UK, organised by the EU Commission / representations of EU 27 in London.

20 October 2018 March for a People's Vote!

Hundreds of people from Brighton & Hove joined the hundreds of thousands who had come to London from all parts of the UK and Europe to march for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.


It was a fabulous day, and it was brilliant to see have friends and family there who had never been out to march before. Now we need to continue to put pressure on the Tories and on Labour to listen!


And here's an interview with Susie Courtault from BH4EU and Women for Europe on Latest TV.

9 July 2018

Film screening: Postcards from the 48%,

Duke of York Picturehouse

Documentary  featuring some of the millions of people who voted Remain, the 48%, to show that the referendum result was far from a landslide victory, and just why they are fighting to stay part of the EU.

Sun 16 September,

Carnival of EUnity

Brighton & Hove for EU were joined by joined the Green Party, LibDems, Women for Europe, Women's Equality Party and other groups from across the city and beyond to celebrate our EU membership and march in defence of our rights.

Take a look at this video made by local supporters Piera and Barry, and see coverage on Latest TV.

23 June 2018

National pro-Europe march in London

We marched with 100s of 1000s of others to demand a People's Vote on Brexit.

3 March 2018

International Women's Day

Brighton & Hove for EU had a busy stall at the Dome - leaflets, petitions, information etc. We were joined for part of the day by In Limbo - Our Brexit Testimonies.

27 February 2018

Brexit Truth Bus

The #StopBrexit bus came to Brighton - and we were out to welcome it.

Here is a write-up in the Evening Argus.

17 February 2018

One Day Without Us

12.30-2.30pm, New Road, Brighton

A celebration of all migrants and their contribution to the UK. 

7 February 2018

*EUrovision flash mob*

The Eurovision heats came to the Brighton Dome in Brighton, and we had a big flash mob outside to celebrate and greet the performers and attendees! We waved our flags and banners, we sang Ode to Joy, and - with the help of the EU Flag Mafia - we handed out 1500 EU flags to people attending the event.


Watch our video to see the sea of blue and yellow flags in the Dome!  And here's a video of the flash mob

24 September 2017

#StopBrexit @ Labour Conference

Thousands of people came to Brighton to show Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the Labour Party the strength of feeling against Brexit.